Saturday, August 30, 2008

TPBP Week in Review

Another week, another smashed record in posts by Aaron and myself (this will be the 40th I believe), and another DNC convention have all come and gone here on TPBP. Traffic and comments were very strong, and I even somehow finagled a job in politics. A banner week all around I say.

But, you're not interested in these silly empirical measures are you? I know what you all want...on to the reader awards.

Comment of the Week: This first award goes to reader "Marna R" in for her comment in last week's Week in Review post. Were there longer and slightly more insightful comments? Perhaps, but we've all got to keep a reasonable perspective and I think that the glory and reverence of TPBP has got to supersede all else.

Commenter of the Week: 'pw' again. Most comments. Best comments. Case closed.

A big thanks for making Aaron and I a part of your routines. In the coming week, please check back for our analysis of all things political (and some things not).

Post Script: Dome, you're a shell of a man. You're half dead to me. Pay your $1 homage to TPBP and make your world right.

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